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The Inadvertent Consequence

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“What was the last breakthrough technology or innovation given by India to the world?”

India has never been known for breakthrough innovations it has given to the world. In the last couple of decades, we have witnessed a monumental change in the business landscape, with a noteworthy rise of the start-up ecosystem.

But, even after a massive push from the Government of India towards building an Innovation driven economy – through initiatives like Innovate India, Atal Innovation Mission amongst others – we are yet to see any significant change on the ground.

The required behavioral change across the business paradigm, to bring innovation to the core of their engines, remains a daunting task. Yet, for India to achieve its true potential, for us to open the floodgates of unprecedented growth over long term – building an Innovation and Intellectual Property driven economy, is the absolute need of the hour.

After studying the 81 parameters based on which GII ranks 126 nations, we observed that about 50 of these parameters are within the circle of influence of individual innovators, academic/research organizations, incubators and corporate houses (large and small), and do not necessitate any government level intervention.

We believe, a four pronged “REAP” model can lead us to achieve our dream :

  • RESHAPEReshaping the organizational behavior to make it more conducive for rapid innovation by aligning teams and injecting intrapreneurship
  • EDUTAINMaking the process of innovation simple, fun filled, systematic and engaging, by teaching Systematic Innovation Techniques like “TRIZ for IP”
  • AUTOMATEAutomate all the low and medium cognitive distractions around Innovation and IP lifecycle using AI-powered bots
  • PROTECTProvide support on protecting innovation and develop robust IP Protection Strategies especially for Start Ups
  • Increase in number of Patents filed per year by 10X
  • 75% of the patents filed in India should be Indian origin inventions
  • Bringing India into the top 5 Hi-tech exporters of the world
  • Bringing India amongst top 25 countries on the count of researchers per million (population) by taking tools and techniques of systematic Innovation and IP to 5000 technology institutes & research agencies
  • Bringing India amongst top 10 countries on the count of IP receipts by enabling innovators to efficiently enforce and monetize their intellectual property

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