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Brainwashing Sessions

Today’s generation is media savvy. And bored of conventional “teaching” mechanisms. Finding creative ways of up-skilling for modern industry requirements is paramount.

Brainwashing Sessions
Curated, Experiential learning modules based on Level 6 Bloom's taxonomy - using Fun & Humor based frameworks for 60% more retention!
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Consulting Solutions

Innovation is a continuous process, a culture which has to be carefully nurtured. Changing the mindset is the most challenging job of them all.

Consulting Solutions
If you are an academic institute, a startup or even a big company - there is something in the coffers for all of you!
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Technology Solutions

Manual jobs are boring. The modern world demands technology to drive our journey, and augment our capabilities to deliver better results – consistently!

Technology Solutions
Leveraging state of the art technology, with proprietary algorithms - to enable entire Inspiration - Idea generation - Innovation - Protection - Commercialization journey!
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Why is Innovation & IP getting complex?

Top 5 challenges faced by existing and future innovators

  • CostThe most common reason innovators shy away from getting into the formal ecosystem. For every known innovator, there are 8 who have never tasted the benefits of their innovation!
  • ComplexityEvery innovator rightly feels that the existing system is highly complex. Simplifying it to the level where even a 5 year old kid can use it is the need of the hour.
  • ConvenienceIn an era of Amazon and Uber, we want everything to be at our fingertips. No such thing exists in the field of Innovation & IP!
  • Content to enable DIYMost of the courses on the internet are more of awareness programs. No skill based training programs are accessible and available.
  • CommercializationThe best fruit of any mental labor is someone buying your technology. While there are a few platforms where you can do so, there is a huge scope for improvement.

Why both Bots & Brains?

We are world’s 1st comprehensive innovation ecosystem, that will make innovating as easy as buying a pair of jeans from any of the e-commerce platforms. The perception around Innovation & IP has been worsening with each passing day. Right now, is the right time to intervene and solve these critical roadblocks.

The only feasible solution is embracing technology.

Technology is meant to ease our pain. Machines are meant to take over lower cognitive tasks bogging the human minds, so that we can focus better on higher cognitive tasks.

After accumulating over 100+ years of combined experience, working across the IP life-cycle, managing high-on-dopamine technology teams, and delivering world-class AI and ML products across multiple sectors, bringing these technologies to Innovation & IP world was just a logical consequence.

100+Yrs of Combined Innovation, IP & AI Tech Experience
50+Micro-utility bots to be launched by 2020
300+Innovation Catalysts & Change Catalysts already on board.
200+Hours of edutaining content across 100+ Innovation & IP skills

BnB News &Updates

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Softwares, Algorithms, Abstract Ideas and Hardware limitations

April 10, 2018
At the very outset, we would like to clarify to our readers that there is no legal ...

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